NWCRG is a performance-based company.

Our clients pay us only after hard refunds and savings have been realized.

A true win-win for our clients.

Finding Money

with Telecom & Utility Bill Analysis

“If you were being overbilled, wouldn’t you want to know?”

At Northwest Capital Recovery Group, we specialize in providing utility bill and telecom bill analysis services to save you money wherever we can. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to find overbillings on any bill and we specialize in getting you great refunds. Contact us today to learn more about our billing analysis services and how we can add much-needed funds to your bottom line.


At Northwest Capital Recovery Group, our goal is to ensure that you are getting the services you assume you are paying for each month when you receive your monthly bills. Our team looks for all types of billing errors and inappropriate taxes. We also verify you are on the correct telecom and utility rates for all your services. For 20 years, our firm has extensive experience in presenting our findings to hundreds of service providers in order to get the maximum refunds possible.

Savings Recommendations

Our team of professionals offers savings recommendations to help you save money every month. These recommendations are voluntary and you can say “no” to any or all of our recommendations. Our recommendations may include migrating to a more optimum rate schedule, removing inappropriate services, contract enhancements and many other strategies designed to do one thing: save money into the future. Our recommendations do not typically require expense, capital, or behavioral changes to your organization. You’re in the driver’s seat and can accept or decline any recommendation. If you say “yes” to any of our recommendations, we handle all aspects of a “seamless” implementation process.

Company of Choice

Our process is unobtrusive and requires minimal staff time. We are professional when dealing with your service providers and know that your vendor relationships are important. We don’t point the finger at your service providers because those long-term relationships cannot be compromised. Many of our clients have received refunds that go back many years. Errors can be found and identified and we get the money! What good is an analysis if you can’t collect?

NWCRG is a performance-based company and our clients pay us only after hard refunds and savings have been realized. A true win-win for our clients.